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Dr Noel Alpins developed the ASSORT program which he uses extensively for planning and analysis in private practice at NewVision Clinics

Planning & Outcomes with ASSORT®...

ASSORT® is a total ophthalmic surgical analysis system capable of analysing all measurable ophthalmic parameters, such as ocular tensions and medications, visual acuities and personalised A constants. A major feature is astigmatism surgery planning and analysis. By employing ASSORT®’s statistical analysis capabilties, surgical techniques can be compared in differing patient groups, pre- and post-operative events can also be documented.

ASSORT® displays an innovative way of analysing vectors for changes in astigmatism. The Alpins Method of astigmatism analysis is displayed both numerically and graphically in a clear and easy to follow format.

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Astigmatic Outcomes with iASSORT®...

iASSORT® performs astigmatic analyses using the topography and/or wavefront values provided by the diagnostic instrument into which the software has been installed.

By selecting the review visits required, iASSORT® will import the required parameters (Sim Ks from topography and second order astigmatism value from aberrometry) and display the analyses.

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VECTrAK Astigmatic Vector Calculator

VECTrAK by ASSORT® is a comprehensive yet simple-to-use astigmatic vector calculator, developed for ophthalmic surgeons. VECTrAK can determine astigmatic changes occurring following cataract, incisional and laser surgical procedures.

With minimal data entry, information about the effective change in astigmatism is rapidly calculated for up to 1000 cases. VECTrAK allows these patients' data to be stored as well as having a data file import/export function for file formats such as CSV formats.

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