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ASSORT Coupling Calculator

Welcome to the ASSORT Coupling Calculator.

This calculator is intended to be used in conjunction with an explanatory publication: 
Alpins N, Ong JKY, Stamatelatos G. Corneal coupling of astigmatism applied to incisional and ablative surgery. J Cataract Refract Surg 2014; 40:1813–1827.

Features of the ASSORT Coupling calculator include:

  • Calculation of coupling ratio, coupling constant, and coupling adjustment
  • Can be used with both incisional and ablative treatments
  • Support for off-axis treatments
  • Support for compound treatments including an intended spherical component
  • Display of spherical and astigmatic components of the treatment on a specialised coupling double-angle diagram

Look for the ASSORT ICL Calculator in the near future.